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Cal Grevemberg  
Cal Grevemberg & Associates, Inc.  
(337) 364 9208 Cell (337) 277 3013  
501 Julia St.  
New Iberia, LA 70560  

LICENSED and CERTIFIED to perform the following:

EIFS Moisture Survey
Inspection of exterior cladding, often called synthetic stucco or dryvit, utilizes electrical resistance probes to determine the extent of moisture intrusion behind wall cladding. This inspection is "invasive". In other words, small holes are made in the cladding in which the probes are inserted. Moisture is recorded as a percentage. Probing is still considered the only way to "quantitatively" measure moisture content within a wall. Probing can also determine if rot already exists. Devices which rely on "electronic wave measurement", may produce erroneous data, leading to catastrophic wall failure years later. Our certification by the Exterior Design Institute assures you of a professional job. Probing assures you of a correct job! Fees are based on how much surface area is probed.

New Iberia (337)364 9208 *** Cell Phone (337) 277 3013
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