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I promise you that I will perform a thorough, objective Inspection to your satisfaction, or it's FREE!

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LICENSED and CERTIFIED to perform the following:

A Very Comprehensive Inspection

General Home Inspection

We provide thorough site inspections, examining the current physical state of the following:

  • Grounds

  • Exterior

  • Foundation

  • Roof

  • Insulation

  • Ventilation

  • Plumbing System

  • Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Electrical system

  • Interior

  • Garage

  • Kitchen

  • Appliances

  • Bathrooms

Commercial Building Inspection

Complete analysis of the building from the foundation to the roof. Particular attention is paid to issues of safety, especially with reference to OSHA. The electrical system is also foremost, due to the higher amperage demand of commercial applications. If appropriate, a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment can be performed in conjunction with the inspection. At a reduced rate, of course!


The dwelling is inspected visually for microbial growth.  Special attention is paid to A/C equipment and ducts.  Samples of ambient air and/or surface mold may  be collected and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.  The key to mold control is moisture control.  The Inspection includes checking walls with a moisture meter to identify moisture intrusion. The report is then submitted to the client for review and discussion.  Expect 5 days turn-around-time.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Inspection consists of a surface-to-surface test for lead-based paint.  The Inspector must be LICENSED by the EPA to perform a lead-based paint inspection. After repairs and/or remediation, a follow-up inspection may be appropriate.

Lead Hazard Risk Assessment

The objective of a Lead Risk Assessment is to uncover lead hazards, such as lead dust, which may lead to lead poisoning. A written report is submitted with recommendations for removal of any lead hazards uncovered during the assessment. After removal, clearance testing may be appropriate. A certificate can then be issued stating that the building is free of lead hazards. A Lead Risk Assessment is much broader in scope than a Lead Inspection or a Lead Hazard Screen.

Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos Inspections should be performed ONLY by EPA LICENSED Asbestos Inspectors. Samples are collected and sent to a certified laboratory. If abatement is performed, clearance testing may be necessary to assure that all hazardous material has been safely removed.

EIFS Moisture Survey

Inspection of exterior cladding, often called synthetic stucco or dryvit, utilizes electrical resistance probes to determine the extent of moisture intrusion behind wall cladding. This inspection is "invasive". In other words, small holes are made in the cladding in which the probes are inserted. Moisture is recorded as a percentage. Probing is still considered the only way to "quantitatively" measure moisture content within a wall. Probing can also determine if rot already exists. Devices which rely on "electronic wave measurement", may produce erroneous data, leading to catastrophic wall failure years later. Our certification by the Exterior Design Institute assures you of a professional job. Probing assures you of a correct job! Fees are based on how much surface area is probed.

Borescope/Damage Survey

A fiber optics device is inserted into walls or floors to determine if damage has occured, and to what extent. Very effective for viewing damage caused by wood-destroying insects and/or moisture. A borescope survey may eliminate having to remove wall covering and flooring. If you know what Endoscopy means, then you know what a Borescope does!

Infra Red Scan of Circuit Breakers

When electrical circuit breakers are overloaded, they tend to overheat. This inspection consists of scanning all the electrical circuit breakers for overheating with a special Infra Red Temperature Device. This may help identify any circuits that are overloaded, or improperly wired.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

This test is performed on gas-fired furnaces to determine if carbon monoxide is present. Special electronic equipment is used to determine if the burners are properly adjusted, and that the system is not "back drafting". Either of these conditions could lead to deadly carbon monoxide gas entering the home. Remember, "CO" is odorless and colorless.

Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

This is a comprehensive assessment of commercial sites for environmental hazards. It meets the requirements of "due diligence" when trying to secure financing. Performance of a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment reduces exposure to litigation and/or environmental clean-up costs for all parties envolved in the purchase of property.

The Report Overview Gets Right To The Main Issues

BenchMark Report Form

The BenchMark Report Form offers a clear picture of the property's condition, and includes an estimate of repair costs. The report format meets the latest requirements of the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors (LSBHI). The report offers a special page called "OVERVIEW", which allows the buyer to immediately size up the property's condition and cost of repairs....without having to read through lots of text! The report is submitted at the end of the inspection. NO WAITING!

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